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Pros and Cons of Fake Security Cameras: Things You Should Know 

Are planning to buy a set of fake security cameras for your home? Maybe you’re deciding to opt for the dummy devices because of budget constraints. Typically, this is the same reasons people are opting for the fake security camera system—they lack the financial capability to spend hundreds of dollars on a top-quality system such as this one from Lorex to secure their family.

It’s okay if you are among these people. We all go through difficult times. And at times when we are not financially able, we think of many frugal ways to survive day after day. Part of being frugal is choosing the fake security system to still ensure our loved ones’ safety.

Compare Dummy Security Cameras

Good News: Dummy Cameras are very Affordable

Here’s the good news. Fake security cameras are legal! Just because they are fake devices, it doesn’t mean you are committing a crime when you buy them. In fact, installing even just one camera on the wall lets you get rid of the possible occurrence of crime. This is the reason many companies today offer fake security cameras. If you cannot afford to buy the real ones, opt for the dummy ones. If you’re looking to make a quick purchase, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our Top 5 Fake Security Cameras.

But before you push through with your purchase, let us give you some pieces of advice. There are pros and cons of fake security cameras that you should know and try to consider before installing them at home. Here are some of them:

Pros of Fake Security Cameras:

• Can help deter the criminals from coming near your home
• More practical way to secure your family and property
• Easier to install
• Lighter in weight and easier to manage
• Does not consume electricity so no added cost
• Easy to find batteries
• Look very real that everyone (but you) will really think they are for real
• No recurring monthly fees

Cons of Fake Security Cameras:

• Not for you if you live in an area where it is highly dangerous.
• Don’t depend too much on its sturdiness.
• Since it’s a fake device, there’s no alarm to alert you that a crime is actually taking place at home.
• The cameras are not real too, to capture the actual goings-on (Click here for real security cameras).
• Since it’s just a dummy, nothing will ever be documented once any form of crime takes place.

Our #1 Pick for Dummy Security Cameras

We have just presented to you the advantages and disadvantages of considering the fake security cameras. It actually depends on your security needs and preference. If, in spite of the cons we mentioned above, you are still determined to install a fake CCTV camera at home, we have some recommendations for you.

If you want to make everyone in your neighborhood to believe that you have a real security system, opt for the authentic looking one like the Rizmo Ultimate Fake Camera. This is bigger in size than some of the other dummy cameras out there so no one will think it’s a dummy. Many reviewers commented on how realistic it looks when up around their houses.

Pros-and-Cons-of-Fake-Security-CamerasYou can purchase this product for a very reasonable price. And at such a very reasonable price, you are about to achieve peace of mind because this dummy camera will definitely scare the bad men away! There are five good reasons why you should avail of the Rizmo Ultimate Fake Camera:

1. It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the heavy downpour.
2. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.
3. It has long battery life of up to one year.
4. It comes with a flexible bracket for easy mounting.
5. It looks very authentic.

Since it is a dummy security gadget, don’t expect it to be perfect all the time. First of all, you have to purchase your own batteries for this device to function. But don’t worry, batteries are not expensive and they are easily available in stores nearest you. Second, we’re reminding you that even though this security camera looks exactly the same as the real one, it is still a dummy.

Therefore, it is not as sturdy as the actual CCTV camera. If you don’t want people to discover your secret, don’t let them touch the Rizmo Ultimate Fake Camera. These are only minor drawbacks, though. Don’t let them affect your decision to buy. The Rizmo fake camera is not the only product you can buy. Click here to discover more about the Rizmo Fake Camera!


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