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Review of the Floureon Night Vision Goggles

The Floureon Night Vision Goggles are suitable for kids to wear while playing out in the dark or even inside the house. These goggles are unique in design. They have LED lights on the side allowing them to clearly see things even if the lights are off. These are ideal for outdoor activities for families with kids for more fun and excitement. Whether it’s skiing, swimming, camping, or simple outdoor game that everyone is playing, these night vision goggles are perfect must-haves to wear.

“The grandchildren love these Glasses with LED lighting. They are suitable for young children and I’m very happy with my purchase.”

These night vision goggles are one of the most popular Spy Gadgets for Kids here at Spy Cameras Reviewed!

If one’s purpose is to buy his child something fun and excitement to perfect a kiddie activity, then, the Floureon Night Vision Goggles are just so perfect. In fact, these goggles are more efficient at night or in the dark. Their flip-out lights provide clear view within up to 25-feet range. And, among their many special features, what make these goggles with tinted lenses highly recommended on Amazon are their wide vision and safety when worn.

“This is a very excellent product. I’m very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone with kids!”

The Floureon Night Vision Goggles is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Floureon Night Vision Goggles:

  • Affordable price
  • Comes with flip-out lights making it ideal for night use
  • Glow-in-the-dark lights
  • Easy to use as they are battery-operated (AAA)
  • Nose pad is soft for comfort
  • LED lights need no replacement
  • 25-feet range
  • Elastic bands are adjustable for comfort fit


The Floureon Night Vision Goggles Cons:

  • Batteries not included
  • May not have the same colors as seen online
  • Not recommended as protective gear as they are fake security goggles

The Takeaway on the Floureon Night Vision Goggles:

If durability in toy goggles is what you’re looking for, you’ll definitely find them in the Floureon Night Vision Goggles. The elastic bands of these goggles are adjustable to perfectly fit the wearer.  They are surely durable too, especially that their LED lights need no replacements at all. The goggles are so easy to use that you don’t need to teach your kids the how-to’s anymore.  They are windproof so playtime outdoors is always a worry-free.

The Floureon Night Vision Goggles can function as your child’s shield from danger too. Since they are designed thick and sturdy, they can protect your little one’s eyes from the possible dangers toy pistol bullets or fireworks can bring. You don’t need to spend much to buy your child the night vision goggles.  The LED lights these goggles have will give you worry-free nights all the time. Indeed, there will be no more apprehensions even if it’s already dark and your small boy or girl still wants to play outside.

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