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Review of the Motorola Two-Way Radio

Are you setting a camp out or hiking with your friends or loved ones? Be sure to equip yourself with all the must-haves to face every emergency you encounter along the road, out in the forest or anywhere outdoors. A perfect companion for you is the Motorola Two-Way Radio set. This comes in a set of two radios that both guarantee clear and constant communication with your travel companion. Even if you accidentally lose your camping or mountaineering partner, you won’t have any worry with a radio unit with you.

“Motorola has never let me down. I was amazed at how good these radios did in the mountains.”

If you are not the techie type and you hate complicated selections from the menu, then, the Motorola Two-Way Radio is for you. And for this very affordable price, you can already make sure of your satisfaction when communicating outdoors. If you leave home with full battery life, you can ensure seamless communication all day as each unit boasts of long battery life. It doesn’t matter too, if the weather is not too friendly. This two-way radio set has 11 different weather channels.

“I purchased these walkies so our group of 6 could keep in touch during a 7 day cruise. They did not disappoint. We never had any problems with interference or static.”

The Motorola Two-Way Radio is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the Motorola Two-Way Radio:

  • Long battery life (10 hours for alkaline; 8 hours for rechargeable)
  • Comes in a pair two-way radios
  • Both radios with a 23-mile range
  • Comes with belt clips, double drop-in charger, rechargeable batteries and charging adaptor
  • With different call tones
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Battery-operated (AAA)


The Motorola Two-Way Radio Cons:

  • Just for pairs and not recommended for groups of three and above
  • Not for international shipping (just within U.S. and some select countries outside U.S.)
  • AAA batteries required not included in the package

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The Takeaway on the Motorola Two-Way Radio:

Whether you are a newlywed couple on a honeymoon or best friends on an outdoor escapade, the Motorola Two-Way Radio is for you. This product is so perfect for any outdoor activity for two! Whether it is a camping, boating, mountain-climbing or hiking you are into, these walkie talkies will help you stay connected to your companion though you are miles apart. Yes, you read it right! Even if you and your outdoors partner are miles and miles apart, you can still find each other because the Motorola Two-Way Radio set has a 23-mile range.

It is so convenient to bring the Motorola Two-Way Radio anytime, anywhere you go. With a light weight of just one pound, you won’t encounter any discomfort at all. Because of the powerful range this pair of two-way radios covers, you don’t need to be in an outdoor escapade to enjoy using the devices. In fact, you and your best friend can keep each of the devices as your means of communication.

If you two live within the 23-mile range it will be fun to use the radios for your conversations. There are over a hundred privacy codes you can use so no one can understand what you’re talking about even if by chance, they capture the frequency you’re using.

Stay in touch with a loved one even if you are miles away from each other. Go to the Amazon page to purchase the Motorola Two-Way Radio today:


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