Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio Review



Review of the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio

Is your family going on an outdoor event a few weeks from now? Surely, there are many things to do in preparation for this exciting activity with your loved ones. As you plan, don’t forget to include the weather update. Be sure to be in the know all the time so as not to spoil the fun moments especially that you’re spending most of them outdoors. Have the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio for fast and efficient communication with your spouse and kids. Coming in two radio units in every pack, this device will help you stay in touch with your family even if you separate ways while hiking, hunting or mountain-climbing.

“We used these to communicate back and forth during the trip and they were PRICELESS! They’re much easier and faster than calling one another on the phone.”

The Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio’s price is reasonable at less than $50. For such a low cost, this device guarantees to give you all the updates you need to make sure the weather is perfect on the day of your trip and the whole duration of the activity. This two-way radio features all-hazard and weather alert, as well as weather scan for your family’s safety outdoors. Because of this special quality, more and more people opt for it. As a result, this affordable communication device earned a high 4.1/5-star rating on Amazon. In addition to the special features, this pair of radio units has five different call alerts for a more efficient communication.

“These are the best 2-Way radios for the price. They have really good range.”

The Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio is available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio:

  • Comes in a set of two radio units
  • 36 channels to choose from
  • Up to 30-mile range
  • With over a hundred privacy codes
  • Battery operated
  • Two power options:  (AAA batteries or rechargeable battery pack)
  • Primary functions as a weather scanner


The Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio Cons:

  • Not for international shipment (only within the U.S.)
  • AAA batteries not included (only the rechargeable battery pack)
  • Maximum range is only achievable in an open rural area with perfect condition

The Takeaway on the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio:

Worry no more about your safety outdoors. The Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio is a perfect companion that will inform you ahead of the weather condition. It automatically locks on a weather channel within an area you’re in. More so, the gadget alerts you when there’s a severe weather condition taking place later. It is so easy to use this communication device. You just simply press the button to communicate with the others who are also on the radio. With 36 channels to choose from, you can guarantee clear communication using the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio.

And, since this product’s main function is to keep you updated on the weather condition, it is water resistant. Therefore, when outdoors and it’s raining, expect this device to still function efficiently. This is definitely a perfect must have especially that it you can use it even when it’s already dark or there’s low light. The LCD light lets you operate the radio conveniently. What will surely make you convince you to choose the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio is its battery life-extending feature for continuous and communication. Isn’t this worth your less than $50?

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Amazon page now to purchase the Midland Weather Alert Two-Way Radio:

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