LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera Review



Review of the LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera

This heavy-duty security camera system from Lorex comes with a whole year-warranty and 60-day return commitments.  When it comes to security equipment for both the home and the business, Lorex is among the most trusted companies. It offers a wide range of security camera systems for both indoor and outdoor use. The cameras even come in different kinds, sizes, functions and features according to one’s security needs, requirements and preferences.

“Easy to install and really good image quality. Would recommend based on quality for the price.”

There are many different features the LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera has. If you are an individual who is out all day but worries about what’s going on at home, this Lorex security system is the most appropriate one for you. Wherever you are, you’ll be sent an e-mail alert with an attached snap shot of the goings-on in your place. The camera is designed to look nice so it doesn’t look out of place at your home. Many families consider it a versatile home security gadget because of its looks and functions. Powered by Stratus Connectivity, this high-quality security camera allows you to watch over your home wherever you are through your MAC, PC, smartphone or tablet.

“We purchased this unit about 2 weeks ago. I used my smartphone to see the the images when we were gone for a few days. Nice unit.”

Indeed, even when you are far away from home, you can always view monitor your abode seamlessly and clearly with this equipment’s 720 HD recording system. Its four-channel receiver is linked to the DVR and interconnects wireless with all the said four camera channels. This means saving on space inside your home.

“I love the fact that I am able to use an app on my phone on when I’m at work and being able to see if anything is going on at the house. The new system, tech support & customer service are A+. AWESOME. ”

This is a heavy-duty security system that guarantees you peace of mind 24/7. Hit the button below to purchase the product:


Key Features of the LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera:

  • Playback and viewing feature that can be done in the tablet or Smartphone
  • Clear 720p resolution
  • Sends email alerts to the user with a picture attached
  • Compatible with both MAC and PC
  • 4-channel receiver
  • Long range coverage of up to 135 ft.
  • Easy to install (see: Lorex Camera Installation)

The LH050 LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera Cons:

  • Expensive for some at around $650
  • Requires high internet speed
  • Some issues with full hard drive
  • Software and firmware must be updated

The Takeaway on the LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera:

You may find the LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera expensive. But if you come to think of it, knowing when there are intruders in your place, or being alerted of the goings-on at home even when you’re out is priceless. You need not buy a specific mobile phone, tablet or computer for this security camera system’s compatibility. The LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera basically works with anything whether you’re using an Android phone or tablet, or an Apple device.

Since this is a Lorex product, you are guaranteed durability and excellent quality. Indeed, Lorex is famous for its being a trusted provider of home security solutions. The LH050 ECO Series Wireless Outdoor Camera is so easy to install. You don’t need a video to follow the step-by-step installation. The simple user guard is all you need for the reliable system to work.

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