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Review of the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera

The SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera is for those who are always on the go and want to ensure their safety all the time. This appears like any ordinary water bottle but it performs a la heavy duty security camera. Indeed, the bottle has a built-in camera with high-resolution.

One can fill-in the bottle with real water as if it functions just as a thirst-quencher. This is considered an extremely covert device that no one will notice its monitoring features. The item operates through a battery with long life. Therefore, its user can monitor people around him for 20 hours straight.

One who opts for this mini hidden camera will certainly find his money’s worth. It comes with an 8GB microSD card for continuous taking of pictures and recording of videos. And if one prefers a bigger memory capacity, the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera can support up to 64GB for memory expansion.

And for longer trips, an individual can guarantee uninterrupted recording as this device features a 20-hour run-time for the battery. What makes the water bottle camera unique is that, the user can simply sport the product as if he’s just holding the ordinary bottled water for hydration.

The SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera:

  • Made in U.S.
  • Comes with an 8GB/16GB microSD card
  • Memory capacity is expandable to up to 64GB
  • Has auto-recycle feature for seamless recording
  • High quality for videos and photos
  • Works efficiently from 10 to 12 hours straight
  • Windows (up to Windows 8) and MAC operating systems capable


The SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera Cons:

  • 64GB microSD card for biggest memory capacity not included
  • Only micrSD cards are compatible to expand the memory capacity

The Takeaway on the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera:

But definitely, with all the features presented to you, you’ll realize, this spy camera is worth your money. Your security is undeniably priceless. More so, documenting meetings, important discussions and private conversations are far more important and they deserve you one-time spending with the said amount. You can count on this indoor security device in any occasion. The HD camera allows you to see faces clearly. Therefore, you can easily tell from people’s expressions how they feel about certain things.

Are you set to interrogate someone? This is the perfect time then, to purchase the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera. Simply put it on top of the table as if you always have water in front of you. Start asking questions and let the covert camera do all the documenting works.

High-quality pictures and videos are not the only ones this high-end security gadget offers. It also promises clear audio (sound) so you’ll get the right message word for word. Be sure to use this hidden camera with a full battery life so you can benefit from its average run-time of approximately 10 to 12 hours.

Can’t wait to own this extraordinary spy camera? Go to the Amazon page now and order the SecureGuard Water Bottle Spy Camera:


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