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Lorex Security Cameras

Review of Lorex Security Cameras

If you’re looking for a top-quality smart home or office security system, then you’ve come to the right place! Lorex Technology (see them on Amazon) is one of the most trusted names in home, office, or business security.

Lorex offers top-quality security systems at a very affordable price. We love the easy installation with some basic equipment which is DIY for most people. Easy, affordable, simple, with no monthly fee? We love that here at Spy Cameras Reviewed.

The phone app and Lorex cloud offer you remote access and control from anywhere in the world, along with things like motion alerts, and snapshots sent to your email. The best part? All of this stuff is very easy to set-up because of their well-designed software.

Keep on reading for more information about whether or not Lorex is right for you.

No Monthly Monitoring Fee for the Lorex Security Camera System

There is no monthly fee or monitoring with Lorex as with some other security companies. What Lorex does do is monitor what’s going on around your home or business, and then record it. You can access the recordings online in real-time. You can also refer to them later if necessary because of a security breach.

They work without Wi-Fi, so make a good option if you’re going for a low-tech home security solution.

Keep on reading for all the features, benefits and details about Lorex Home Security systems. Or check out Lorex for yourself on Amazon:


Basic to Advanced Security Systems from Lorex

From very basic home surveillance systems to the most advanced, Lorex offers a huge range of options. Their home security systems are fully customizable. They range from a very simple, 1-camera system, to 16+ cameras to cover a large warehouse or estate. What doesn’t change is the quality of the cameras—excellent resolution, motion alerts that actually work and wide-angle views.

The thing we love best about Lorex is all the options available. You’ll be able to find just about any home security system to suit any budget or need easily.

Check out the chart below to see the range of options for yourself:

Lorex Security Systems Comparison

DIY Installation with Lorex Security Systems

Unlike many of the other high-end home security systems, Lorex is designed to be able to install yourself with a few basic tools (Lorex Installation Tips). Even if you’re not especially handy, most people find that Lorex Security systems are easy enough to install. Pair this with their excellent customer service and you should have your home or business security system set up in no time.

You’re sure to find something from Lorex that will suit your budget and purposes. They are a total package security company, offering top-quality products at a reasonable price, along with excellent installation information and customer support.

Lorex Security Cameras Comparison and Review

Lorex Wireless Security Cameras: A Ton of Features

We’ll talk more about the advantages and disadvantages of Lorex Home Security Systems. While Lorex does have some top-quality systems, they are more expensive than other brands This is the major disadvantage of going with Lorex.

If you have a low budget, we recommend checking out the SimpliSafe Home Security System. Another option is installing some fake security cameras to deter any would-be criminals. Costing around $5-10 per unit, fake security cameras are the ultimate ultra-low budget option for home security.

To check out Lorex home security systems and wireless security cameras for yourself, head on over to Amazon and see the range of choices:


What are the Advantages of Getting a Lorex Security Camera?

Apart from the company’s great experience and expertise in wireless technology, you know you’re getting good quality by choosing Lorex. All the security camera systems offered by Lorex do not make use of wires or cables. Wired systems are too easy for a criminal to disable and we don’t recommend them here at Spy Cameras Reviewed.

#1: No Messy Wiring with Lorex Security Cameras

Instead, Lorex systems rely on an Internet connection. This is advantageous when it comes to the physical appearance of your house. This is because you won’t have any messy wiring visible on the outside.

The lack of wires and cables also makes installation far easier. Minimal drilling is required. The average homeowner should be able to install Lorex cameras by themselves. It only requires a few simple tools. The other advantage to this is that would-be criminals can’t break Lorex cameras so easily! There are simply no wires to pull out.

Seriously, in most of the Lorex security cameras reviews, people mention how easy it is to mount them with just a few basic tools you probably already have.

How to Install Lorex Security Cameras

#2: Lorex Security Cameras: Easy Installation 

With Lorex, there is no need to restructure the current wiring system you have in the house. This is usually what takes the most time when installing home security systems.

However, with Lorex, this major problem is avoided. Installation is indeed possible for those a little bit handy with a power drill. Maybe you’re not handy? Don’t even own a power drill? Local security companies should be able to install Lorex security systems for you quickly and easily. It should only take them on hour or two to get your Lorex system up and running smoothly.

A home security package from Lorex comes with everything you need to install it safely and correctly. You’ll need a few basic tools such as a drill, level, and some basic screwdrivers. These supplies can be easily obtained at Home Depot if you don’t already have them in your home.

#3: Excellent Software

The majority of people find that the software from Lorex works well, especially when compared to many of the other security camera companies. It’s mostly just plug in and go with a few simple choices.

We also love the Lorex Secure phone app that allows you to keep an eye on things remotely from anywhere in the world. The Lorex cloud also allows for remote access and adjust your security system on the fly.

Overall, the software from Lorex is a serious win, and if you can’t figure it out quickly and easily, contact customer service and they’ll be able to get you up and running in no time.

#4: Are Lorex Cameras Secure?

It’s an excellent question! Let’s find out.

Lorex mentions that there’s recently been an increase in people or organizations attempting to hack certain types of security systems. When this does happen, they take all the necessary actions to shut down the loopholes allowing the breach as quickly as possible.

As far as whether not Lorex cameras are more, or less secure than other similar security cameras, they appear to be about the same. Breaches do happen to almost all security systems occasionally, even the most secure ones in military or government organizations for example. Lorex seems no better or worse than other companies in this regard.

Here’s what Lorex recommends doing on your end to keep your home or office security system as safe as possible:

Change Passwords Regularly

Using a weak, or default password is the fastest way for a hacker to gain access to your system. It’s almost like you’re just inviting them in!

Change your password regularly, using no words that could be associated with you in any way (name of pet or child for example). Include numbers and special characters too.

Make sure your Firmware is Up to Date

This is how Lorex updates their devices with new security updates. You’ll know if yours is up to date by pressing enter on the front panel. Them crosscheck your number at the company website.

You’ll periodically receive notices that there’s a firmware upgrade with patches that address a certain security issue. Accept the upgrade request as soon as you get it.

If you Suspect that You’ve Been Hacked

It can often be difficult to tell if you’ve been hacked, or not. If you suspect that you have though, be sure to change your password immediately, and ensure that you have the latest firmware. You could also contact their technical support for help with this.

Learn more here: Can Security Cameras be Hacked?

#5: Choice of Cameras

Lorex offers two kinds of IP (Internet Protocol) security cameras. These allow you to both send and receive data via a network rather than an analog video signal. What does this mean for you? You can view your home or business remotely from anywhere in the world.

There are two types for a wide range of budgets:

HD IP security camera: professional grade, with the highest attention to deal

WiFI cameras: portable and designed to be used with a Smartphone or Tablet (usually cheaper)

#6: Smart Home Security

If you’re looking to keep your home safe the smart way, then you’ll want to consider Lorex. There are a ton of features included with most Lorex cameras, including:

  • RapidRecap, which allows you to see the day in a single minute.
  • Lorex Secure phone app, for live viewing, playback, and video recording. It’s compatible with your iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac via the Lorex cloud. You’re able to control your video cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Convenient click and drag digital zoom.
  • Easy back-ups to a flash, or hard-drive.
  • Push notifications for motion alerts.
  • Email alerts with a snapshot attachments for alerts.
  • HDMI cable included.

Consider Lorex your top choice for smart home security! You just have to connect and go.,

Are Lorex Cameras Good?

It’s a great question! Lorex security cameras are one of the more expensive options on the market today, but are they worth the high price-tag?

If you take a look at reviews over on Amazon, you’ll see that there are a ton of satisfied customers. People usually note the clear picture, easy installation and the fact that the night vision actually works. In the category as a whole, very few cameras have a rating above 4.0/5, so Lorex is actually doing quite well.

—>See Customer Ratings and Reviews Here<—

According to the company, here’s why Lorex cameras are good:

  • Use of cutting-edge technology
  • Long range night vision
  • High quality recordings with excellent resolution
  • Weatherproof and vandal resistant outdoor cameras
  • Most cameras feature: HD image sensors, wide angle lenses, digital noise reduction
  • Many opportunities to customize a package to work for you
  • Connect and go with their top-notch software

How are Lorex Wireless Cameras Powered? 

A common question that people have is how Lorex wireless security cameras are powered and what type of connection is needed. Are they also wireless and run off battery power?

The wireless nature of these cameras refers to the camera and the receiver. The setup requires two power sources, one for the camera and one for the receiver. It’s just a basic power plug that can put into a regular electrical outlet.

Are Lorex Security Camera Systems Weatherproof?

It’s a great question. If you’re spending a lot of money on a home security system, it makes sense to find out whether or not it’s weatherproof. It depends on the type of camera you buy (read the product description carefully!).

In general, the majority of Lorex security cameras are indeed weatherproof and can stand up to rain or snow. There are however some cameras from Lorex that are designed for indoor use only. The product description is pretty clear about this so be sure to check there for all the details.

—>See a Top-Rated Outdoor Security Camera from Lorex<—

Lorex Security Cameras Reviews

“So far they’re great, and the picture quality is a lot better than expected. The phone App works great on my Samsung smartphone, and I love the alerts that they will send you. I found that the cameras were pretty easy to mount with just a few basic tools, and beyond that, it was just plug in and go.”

“The software is a little bit quirky and takes some basic troubleshooting to get up and running. Besides that, it’s super easy to set-up, especially the installation, and I love that it’s the complete system. I hate the idea of trying to source all the parts for something like this separately.”

“It’s a great system with decent quality cameras and is easy enough to set-up. I love being able to keep an eye on my house when I’m not home, especially with the alerts via the phone app. I just wish that I’d gotten a system with more cameras!”

Compare Outdoor Security System from Lorex

Lorex Wireless Cameras: Keep an Eye on your Home 

What’s even better is the fact that a Lorex wireless camera system allows you to access it wherever you are— via the Internet! You can keep your eye on your home when you’re in the office or while you’re traveling. It’s easy to monitor if there are any suspicious activity going on. You can play back records of these surveillance cameras for police if necessary. As in the case of break-in, or suspicious activity.

Lorex Security Camera System for Business Owners

If you’re a business owner who’s away for the time being, you can still check your shop or office if the employees are doing their jobs well. You can see if operations are running as they are supposed to. You can stay in the back office doing work while keeping an eye on the front of the house at the same time.

This will allow you to be more productive and save you money over time! We love the multi-camera systems that Lorex offers. They allow you to view footage from all the security cameras on a single screen.

What about the Lorex Active Deterrence Security Camera?

If you’re looking for a security camera that does more than just record, you’ll want to consider the Lorex Active Deterrence Camera. In particular, we love the LED warning lights that can be programmed to be always on, or just triggered by motion.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll love about it:

  • 4K, 8 MP camera with night vision (130 feet), featuring excellent resolution
  • Two-way talk feature
  • Programmable dual-motion LED warning lights
  • Remotely triggered siren
  • Super-wide field of view
  • Weatherproof and suitable for cold climates
  • Motion alerts sent to your Smartphone in real time
  • Ceiling or wall-mount option
  • Includes camera, mounting kit, power adapter, and extension cable

Sounds like exactly what you need to keep the bad guys away? You can shop now on Amazon:


What are the Known Disadvantages of Choosing Lorex Security Systems?Lorex-Wireless-DVR-Security-Camera-System-Review

Naturally, for every product or brand, there are also disadvantages to consider. In the same way that the Internet reliance of Lorex security systems is beneficial, there are also potential online problems that can occur.

Common problems encountered are hacking of the system or records from outside sources and the loss of connection. When the wifi or power goes down, so do Lorex security cameras. However, this is common to all wireless security cameras. It’s not a particular flaw with Lorex and so shouldn’t really be considered a reason not to buy this product.

#1: Very Few Security Breaches for Lorex Security Systems

Nevertheless, Lorex security cameras offer firewall programs in order to add protection from unauthorized access or hacking possibilities. While there is a small possibility that this can occur, it’s not a common occurrence. Check out the reviews on Amazon for yourself. There is almost no mention of this potential problem with Lorex security cameras. They offer a safe, secure home security system.

Learn more about whether or not home security cameras can be hacked here:

Home Security Cameras and Hacking

#2: High Capacity Hard-Drive Required?

Another disadvantage that some people have reported about Lorex security systems is the efficacy of filing live streaming footage through computers and routers. You’ll need to ensure your hard drive has enough capacity. It would be good to inquire with Lorex regarding add-ons for better back-up of files.

However, if you have only a couple of cameras and only want to keep the security footage for a day, or two, this really isn’t a problem. The basic hard drive included with the systems will work for you.

It’s only if you have multiple cameras, or want to keep the security footage than a couple days where you’ll need to consider upgrading. These days, memory and storage capacity is becoming cheaper and cheaper. So, you should be able to find something that will work for you for under a hundred bucks. It’s easy to upgrade something like this on your Lorex system too, so don’t be intimidated!

Security Camera Types: Make the Best Choice

What are the Different Types of Lorex Security Cameras?

Lorex offers various systems for the home and for business purposes. Each wireless system comes with a certain number of either wireless or wired cameras or a combination of both types. There are also Lorex security cameras that are designed for indoors and for the outdoors, provided in particular packages.

Some include night vision, while others offer features such as pan-tilt. There are options for just about every use! Click the “Shop Now” button below to see for yourself.

There is also the option of HD security system so as to get the clearest image possible with your HD cameras. It’s hard to give you details of all the possible options, so check out Amazon for packages, customizable options and add-ons:


Why Should You Buy a Lorex Wireless Camera?

Buying a Lorex wireless camera is one way to boost your security system at home and in any other establishment. You’ll be able to monitor what’s going on in the various areas of your property, at whatever time you wish and from wherever you are in the world. This will surely give you peace of mind and help you in case there are actual break-ins or crimes. Get the phone app for peace of mind from anywhere.

Something that we haven’t mentioned yet is the deterrence factor. Simply having home security cameras on your property can be the incentive necessary for criminals to give your house a miss.

Low-Budget Security Options

You can supplement Lorex Security Systems with fake security cameras. This will boost the security presence on your property for a small price. There are other options such as solar powered lights, and fake TV simulators.These will protect your home safely and cheaply.

—>See our Top Pick for Realistic Fake Security Camera

Home security experts recommend a combination of a home security system, along with cheaper, low-tech solutions. We love supplementing the expensive options with some cheaper ones. Security camera + fake security camera? We love it!

How Much Do Lorex Cameras Cost?


A single Lorex camera set-up is very affordable. Even 2-4 cameras will probably be within your budget.

The most expensive, premium Lorex security camera systems can cost $1000 or more. These ones would be suitable for a large business. You will require multiple cameras and has a big territory to cover. For example, a factory, or multi-story office building.

—>See Prices on Lorex Cameras Here<—

Check out Lorex Security Cameras over on Amazon to see for yourself all the options. There really is an option for just about any budget.

30 Day Trial Period for Lorex Security Systems

Another great bonus you get is the 30-day trial period. You can get  refund of the entire amount if the system doesn’t work as it is supposed to. If you can’t figure out how to set it up, send it back for a full refund. It really is that easy to DIY it.

You also get one full year of warranty for both parts and services. Shipping is usually free too! Lorex offers excellent customer service. They offer a better guarantee than just about anyone else in the business. A company that stands behind their products? A company that puts their money with their mouth is? We love that here at Spy Cameras Reviewed.

Check out Lorex Security Products on Amazon today:


Is There Free Installation When You Buy Lorex Wireless Cameras?

All the Lorex wireless cameras can be easily installed even by the average person. They all come with detailed instructions for installation with some basic equipment you probably already have. You can even watch the instructional video on CD or online!

Or, check out this post with details: How to Install Lorex Security Cameras. Someone with average DIY and computer skills should be able to install and set-up Lorex Security Systems. Most systems take only a couple of hours with minimal stress and hassle.

Get a Local Security Company to do it For You

If you want the whole security system to be set up for you, you can ask Lorex to do it for a minimal fee. They offer installation in most major cities. Or, you can get a local security company to set everything up for you as well.

Prices for this kind of thing are usually very reasonable. This is because Lorex systems are easy to install. A security company should be able to get it up and running in only a couple of hours. It’s really not complicated. Try it out for yourself and see. You’ll probably be surprised!

Security Camera Installation Cost

If you don’t want to do the DIY approach, read more to find out how much it’ll cost to get someone to install them for you. According to one estimate, most homeowners spend between $800 and $2200 (USD) getting their system installed in the US. The average is around $1500.

Of course, the price depends on the system that you choose, number of cameras you require, preparations by you (opening boxes, getting the Internet network set up ahead of time), labour costs, and the quality of the central monitoring system.

3-4 cameras might cost around $1000, while 8 cameras may cost $2000 or more.

Another Estimate for Home Security Camera Installation Cost

Another estimate puts the cost at around $150 per camera, but $200 for enhanced installation where all the wires are hidden. Then, it’s around $100 to set up the network and hard drive. So, a 4-camera package would be $700-900, while 8 cameras would be just under $2000.

The price varies considerably depending on whether or not your security camera installer is licensed, or not.

Compare the Best Home Security Cameras

Best OverallMost AffordableEasiest to Set Up
Lorex Security SystemEzviz Home SecurityArlo Security System
Lorex-Home-Security-System-ReviewEZVIZ home surveillance systemarlo-security-system
8 channel, motorized dome cameras4 weatherproof cameras2 wireless HD cameras
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Are all Lorex Cameras Compatible with Each Other?

If you already have some home or office security cameras from Lorex Technology, but would like to get some more, you’ll probably want to know if they’re compatible.

As a general rule, most of the security cameras are compatible with each other, and the receivers. Lorex makes some very user-friendly surveillance cameras and this area is no exception.

However, not all things are compatible and you should check first before buying anything. The Lorex website has a nice tool for this: find it here.

Where Can You Browse Through Lorex Surveillance Products?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a security system now’s really the time! Check out Lorex Security Cameras today. They really are top of the line, high-quality security cameras. They will keep you, your family, your home and your business safe.

You can easily get top-quality Lorex security cameras on Amazon:


Where to Install Home or Office Security Cameras?

You’ve bought your new Lorex security system, but are perhaps wondering about where to install them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few idea of places you might want to install a security camera.

First, some general advice. Place security cameras:

  • In high places, under shelter
  • Pointing away from lights
  • In obvious places
  • Where cables can be hidden

Some specific spots to consider installing your security camera:

  • Front door
  • Back door
  • Off-street windows
  • Backyard/ side gate
  • Basement stairs

EZVIV vs Lorex Home Security Systems

EZVIZ home surveillance system

EZVIZ home security system

Two of the most popular home security systems are by Lorex, and EZVIZ. You can read more about EZVIZ here: EZVIZ Security Review.

Let’s compare the two to help you decide what’s right for your home and family.

EZVIZ vs Lorex: Pricing

In terms of pricing, both of these security systems come in a number of different setups and configurations. However, when you compare say a 16-channel HD, with 16 outdoor camera, EZVIZ is usually a bit cheaper, by around 30%. The same is also true among the whole line of options.

EZVIZ vs Lorex: Customer Reviews

Both of these surveillance systems have similar ratings and reviews from customer on Amazon, and elsewhere online. If you look at the lower ratings, many of the complaints are every similar. Mostly that the systems are not as DIY as the companies claim them to be.

Learn more about EZVIZ Security Cameras

EZVIZ vs Lorex: Hard Drive, or Cloud Storage?

These two systems work mostly on hard drives, which we generally prefer. Some of the home security cameras the lower end use cloud storage (like the Amazon cloud cam), which can actually end up being more expensive in a year or two than just buying something like EZVIZ or Lorex.

EZVIZ vs Lorex: Warranty and Customer Service

Both of these companies offer a one year warranty on their products, and excellent customer service to back that up.

EZVIZ vs Lorex: Who Comes out Ahead?

In reality, these two home security systems are quite similar in terms of pricing, quality, options, and customer service. You’ll likely be very happy with either one!

You can check out EZVIZ home security systems for yourself over on Amazon:


Lorex vs Amcrest Security Cameras

Another popular option for home or business security systems is Amcrest. They’re a more affordable alternative to something like Lorex. Let’s compare Lorex vs Amcrest to find out which one is right for you. Read more to find out!

Lorex vs Amcrest: Pricing

In terms of pricing, Lorex and Amcrest are similar in that there is a wide range of packages to suit just about any budget. They range from 1 camera to 32 cameras with Lorex, and 1 camera to 16 cameras with Amcrest,

However, if you compare apples to apples (4 cameras to 4 cameras for example), you’ll usually find that Amcrest is a bit cheaper.


Amcrest home security system

Lorex vs Amcrest: Customer Reviews

In general, Amcrest has slightly higher user reviews for their products than Lorex.

Lorex vs Amcrest: Cloud Storage, or Hard Drive?

Amcrest security cameras are designed for cloud storage. 4 hours of free recording is included with your purchase, but there are optional plans to increase this.

Lorex is designed to be used with a hard drive for the most part.

Which one is better? The choice is yours! If you’re happy with only 4 hours of storage, stick with Amcrest. It’s usually very easy to set up these kind of cameras.

If you want more than that? Go with Lorex. Sure, you can upgrade your Amcrest system, but this gets expensive over the long-term.

Technical Support

Technical support for both of these companies is great, and often a bit better than the rest. If you’re having trouble getting the software or network up and running, give them a call and they should be able to get you up and running quickly

Learn more about Amcrest Home Security Solutions

Lorex vs Amcrest: Overall Winner

Both of these systems are one of our top picks for home or business surveillance systems. It basically comes down to storage options. If you want full control over your recordings, go with Lorex. If you are happy with a cloud system that is limited to 4 hours, stick with Amcrest.

You can check out Amcrest Home Security Cameras for yourself over on Amazon:


Lorex vs Arlo Security Systems

Arlo is another popular brand of home and business security systems that has a huge number of sales. For example, their 2 camera kit has more than 16,000 customer reviews on Amazon. That’s more than just about anyone in the business!

Let’s get to it to help you decide which one is right for you. Read more for all the you information about Lorex vs Arlo.

Range of Choices: Lorex has Way More

One of the things people love about Lorex security cameras is the massive range of options they have, from a single camera to monitor your front door or baby at night, to professional grade security systems for a big warehouse or office building.

Arlo has far fewer choices, and maxes out at 4 cameras. They’re more geared to the home-owner wanting a basic security system, as opposed to Lorex who also caters to the high end of the market.

Camera Quality: Similar

In terms of the camera quality, Arlo and Lorex are quite similar. Most models are capable of night vision (Lorex has more than 100 feet, while Arlo has around 25 feet),  a sharp picture quality, are weatherproof and can operate in a range of climates.

The Arlo camera has 780p resolution, while both the Arlo Pro 2, and most Lorex cameras have 1080p.

Features for Arlo and Lorex Security Cameras

Both companies offer many of the features that you’re probably looking for such as motion sensor alerts, smartphone app, etc.

Smart Home Capabilities

Arlo has designed their cameras to be compatible with many of the most popular smart home devices such as Alexa, Echo Fire, Google Assistant, etc.

Lorex has yet to offer this.


Storage Options

Arlo comes with free, 7-day rolling storage. This allows you to record audio and video for 7 days. Lorex has gone with the hard drive option, where you control the footage entirely.

Arlo vs Lorex: The Overall Winner

Both Arlo and Lorex are top-quality security systems. Arlo is actually more of a “camera” while Lorex is more of a “system.” If you’re looking for a comprehensive package for a large area, then you’ll definitely want to go with Lorex. Or, if you want some privacy around the footage that you’re shooting, again, go with Lorex and the hard drive.

If you’re looking for a very simple set-up for your home and want to get up and running in minutes, go with Arlo, especially if you want it to integrate with a home control devices. They’re also a bit more affordable, probably due to the rolling cloud storage as opposed to the hard drive.

In reality, you probably couldn’t go wrong with either of them.

Does it sound like Arlo might be right for you? You can shop now on Amazon:


Lorex Camera Review: Have your Say!

What are your thoughts on the Lorex Security Camera Review? Leave a comment below and let us know.



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