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Top 5 Fake TV Simulators

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Top 5 Fake TV Simulators to Keep the Burglars Away

Do you always feel paranoid about what’s happening inside your house while you’re away? Have you always considered buying and installing a security system but you just can’t afford to buy one yet?

If your answer to both is a big YES, then, now is the time to stop those negativities. You can now secure your family, as well as your properties, without having to be too real.

This may be unbelievable but true! There are Fake TV simulators that can prevent the burglars from entering your place. The best part about it is that they’re just about the cheapest home security device you could possibly buy.

Keep on reading for our Top 5 Fake TVs, or check out our top-rated one on Amazon:

Fake TV: Reasonably Priced Home Security Option

Our Top 5 Fake TV simulators are the answers to your security concerns. You need not shell out too much on these, and yet, they can work a la expensive security systems.

We arranged our products according to their affordability. You won’t spend more than $50 for a set of fake TV simulator from our list. Read on and find out which one suits your needs and preferences.

Our Top 5 Fake TV simulators are all highly rated on Amazon and are also available there.

#1: Kokorest LED TV Simulator


The Kokorest LED TV Simulator takes top spot on our list. We placed it in the No. 1 spot in our Top 5 Kokorest LED TV Simulator because it is the cheapest among the five best fake TV simulators that we have here.

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Reasonably Priced Fake TV Light

It costs a surprisingly little amount that you won’t ever believe to be possible since it has impressive features. This home gadget produces the same light as you see in the real LCD-HDTV. It will definitely make your home appear occupied.

Therefore, it prevents the burglars from getting in. It has a built-in sensor and timer that adds to the high quality of our No. 1 in the list.

Eco Friendly TV Simulator Light

Are you planning a vacation for the family? Don’t worry about leaving the Kokorest LED TV Simulator on while you’re away because this is an eco-friendly device that doesn’t consume too much of your power supply.

Realistic Looking 

What you’ll love the most about this fake TV simulator is that it recreates the light of a real TV through the small LED lamp that definitely fills an entire room. The extremely bright light produces thousands of colors.

Indeed, this LED TV simulator will make it appear as if someone’s watching TV and there’s no way for suspicious people to enter your property. Own this very affordable yet features-filled gadget for just a few bucks.

Hit the button below to purchase the Kokorest LED TV Simulator today.

Fake TV Comparison

#2 Fitzroydigby TV Simulator


The Fitzroydigby TV Simulator may have the score as high as the others in our Top 5 Fake Simulators but it does not mean it’s not worth recommending.

Reasonably Priced Home Security Option

In fact, it’s our second in the list, right? Obviously, it’s ranked as such because it is the next cheapest fake TV simulator in our Top 5 collection at a very reasonable price.

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Replicates a 40 Inch TV

With just a little to spend, you can already scare the thieves away! This can simulate light of your LCD HDTV that’s as big as 40 inches. The lights coming out from this simulator do not have any pattern so, people from the outside will really think the TV is on and the house is jam-packed.

TV Simulator Light = Easy Set Up

Why spend much when all you need is just a small amount for an efficient alarm system? You don’t even have to spend long hours installing because with The Fitzroydigby TV Simulator, you simply plug it in and start deterring the burglars.

Home protection that’s easy, and simple to set up? We love it and we’re sure that you will too. It’s such an easy step to take to keep your home safe when you’re not around at night.

For such a cheap price, this is the only TV simulator that comes with a free tripod. Isn’t it amazing that you’re paying for two products at a price of one? With the tripod, you can easily move the simulator around the house where you feel it more important for a particular time. Don’t let this rare chance of owning a 2-in-1 security device pass.

Go to the Amazon page and buy the Fitzroydigby TV Simulator today:

#3:1byone Home Security TV Simulator


Our 3rd in the Top 5 Fake TV Simulators, the 1byone Home Security TV Simulator, is still affordable. At such a reasonable cost, you can successfully create an impression outside your house that someone or some people are inside watching TV.

This TV simulator features time settings you can select to make everyone believe that you or any member of the family is at home. You’ll definitely find this product very impressive especially its authentic TV-program simulation feature.

Random Colour Changes and On-Screen Motion

The 1byone Home Security TV Simulator has on-screen motion, scene changes and random color changes. This home security gadget turns on automatically when it’s dark outside. And at a set time, it automatically shuts off. It’s not all the time that you get the chance to spend less for a high-quality product.

Eco Friendly with Minimal Power Consumption

Since this highly-rated fake TV simulator is eco-friendly with minimal energy consumption, it will definitely help you cut costs of your family’s expenses. This Amazon bestseller is easy to set up and it performs excellently so it is definitely worth your money! Secure your home now sans the high cost.

Visit the Amazon page and buy the 1byone Home Security TV Simulator today:

#4: GoldStar Fake TV Simulator


The GoldStar Fake TV Simulator got the highest rating among our Top 5 Fake TV Simulators online.

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If you’re looking for a really authentic-looking home security gadget, this is a perfect must-have.

Top of the Line, Affordable Home Security Device

You can get it at a reasonable price on Amazon, including the free shipping. This top-of-the-line home security device can imitate the light coming from a real LCD HDTV that’s 27-inch big. It is among the simplest and easiest to use too, with its one-touch operation.

Random Colour Changes for this TVsimulator

Do you want your home to really look occupied? Then, the GoldStar Fake TV Simulator is perfect for you. The on-screen monitor and random color changes are great techniques to make people believe that somebody’s inside, watching TV.

Fake TV Light: Peace of Mind When Not at Home

No stranger is ever going to succeed intruding your place with this Amazon high-scorer. The constant color change is sure to shy him away because he’ll think there’s a person inside and enjoying a real TV program so he can’t just easily get in! This is the perfect time have something at home that will give you peace of mind while you’re away on an out-of-town work or vacation.

Hit the button below an purchase the GoldStar Fake TV Simulator today:

#5: FakeTV FTV


The FakeTV FTV is the most expensive (but still affordable) among our Top 5 Fake TV Simulators.

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Easy to Operate and Energy Efficient

You won’t have a hard time operating this fake TV simulator as there is only one switch to operate it.

Not only that! This gives you ample savings on the power consumption too especially that it only consumes your night-light power. Why buy the expensive security gadget when you can opt for the fake yet authentic-looking one?

Deter Burglars with this Best Fake TV

You can definitely make your home appear occupied with the FakeTV FTV. This is sure to prevent the burglars from attempting to enter your place. Recreating the light of an authentic HD TV, people outside your house will mistakenly think someone’s inside and no one can get in without permission.

This device produces lights that are thrice brighter than the others. It even has LED lights that can fill an entire room with brightness as if it is realistically occupied. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance of securing your home at almost no cost!

Go to the Amazon page and buy the FakeTV FTV today:

What are the Best Fake TV’s?

Top 5 Fake TV Simulators

Best OverallMost Affordable
Simulates 40 inch TVMimics 42 inch TV
Check PricesCheck Prices

Best Fake TV: Have your Say!

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