Home Protection: Keep your Family Safe



Home Protection for Everyone

Home protection is something that everyone home owner or renter needs to consider. There are many different facets to home protection that you need to consider. Here are a few of them to think about as you make your detailed plan for keeping your home and family safe.

Home Security System

Security cameras are an important part of protecting your home. By simply having them, you can deter most would be burglars. Nobody wants to be caught on camera committing a crime. The best home security systems are wireless and can be accessed over the Internet. This means that they can’t be easily disturbed by anyone and also that you can check on your home while you’re away.

For home security, we recommend Lorex Security Cameras. They are one of the most trusted names in home security and we love how easy they are to install. See: How to Install Lorex Security Systems.

Fake Security Cameras

Real security cameras in your home are the best option by far. But of course the top-quality ones that are easy to install and actually work can be a bit expensive. Sometimes home security systems can be upwards of $1000 for things like infrared lights.

If your budget is already stretched thin, then consider some fake security cameras. They look identical to the real things and only run about $10 each. A pro tip is to make sure you put them in the same place you would a real security camera to make it more believable. See this article: Where to Put Fake Security Cameras.

We love affordable home protection here at Spy Cameras Reviewed and think that you should always have a few fake security cameras around your home. Use them alone if you can’t afford the real deal, or use them to supplement the real thing. The key is to make it look like every dark nook and cranny around your home is covered.

Outdoor Security Lights

 Police agencies and security companies always mention keeping your house well lit in order to deter burglars. And of course this is great advice. The bad guys prefer lurking around in the shadows for obvious reasons-it’s less easy to get caught. So do everything you can to not help out the bad guys!

We recommend installing some solar powered security lights around your house. This will go a long ways in deterring criminals and it will help keep you and your family safe. Plus you won’t be adding to your electricity bill each month. Once you make the initial investment (they are very reasonably priced), you won’t have to spend any more money on them. The key to outdoor security lights is to try to cover every dark corner around your house.

Fake TV Simulators

 If you’re going away on vacation, or are often out at night, then consider using a fake TV simulator. They make it look like you’re home when you’re really not by simulating people watching TV. The light flickers in and out like a normal TV would. They are very affordable and simple to use but can actually make a big difference to protecting your home.

The best ones can be set to turn on at a certain time. For example, if you’re going to be away for a while, you can set the fake TV simulator to turn on at 6pm. This can replicate a normal person who goes to work, comes home and then turns on the TV while preparing dinner.

Peephole Door Cameras

 If you’re serious about home protection, you really should invest in a peephole door camera. Think about this. If someone rings your doorbell, normally you’d just open the door. What if that’s a bad guy? Or maybe you would peek out your window to see who it is.

This will be obvious to anyone standing at your door that you are home. However, if you have a peephole door camera, then you can see who it is without them knowing. The top-quality ones even allow you to talk with the person outside your door to find out what they want without opening it.

Knowing who is outside your door before opening it can go a long ways towards protecting your home, yourself and your loved ones. They are easy to install as well with the detailed directions that come with them. Try it out and you’ll be surprised!

Home Protection Summary

Remember that home protection is something that everyone should consider! It really is not that difficult or expensive to do on your own. Although a home security system is the best bet, it’s not the only option. There are also fake security cameras, outdoor security lights, fake TV simulators and peephole door cameras to name only a few options. Help keep your home and family safe today!



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