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DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera Review

The DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera has some excellent reviews online. If you’re looking for a real-looking dummy security, you’re sure to love this product.  It can be used indoors so teenagers won’t be sneaking out of their bedroom with friends minus their parents’ permission. The dummy camera can also be used outdoors so criminals will think twice before attempting to break into your home.

“The cameras look very convincing because of the flashing red LED light. You can only tell it’s fake when you’re a few inches away from it.”

The DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera is now available on Amazon:


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A Cheap Home Security Alternative

Any person who is in search of something to scare the intruders without having to spend much is sure to pick the DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera for its authentic-looking quality. For a reasonable price, you can own a dummy security camera system and pretend to be having installed a high-end camera system that monitors 24 hours a day.

This dummy camera has a flashing light feature that makes the device appear to be a real one.  There’s no need to use a wire or cord to operate this unit. You just need two AA batteries to make it work.

“I was having theft from my job site and picked up a couple of these and it put an end to it in no time. Even my workers thought they were real.”

Key Features of the DragonPad Dummy Security Cameras

  • Affordable Price
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Can be operated through AA batteries
  • Looks like a real security camera
  • Comes with adjustable and movable bracket arm
  • Includes stainless steel screw


The DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera Cons:

  • Batteries not included (should be bought separately)
  • A bit big and heavier in weight
  • Space-consuming
  • Since it is a dummy camera, one cannot use this for sure monitoring.

The Takeaway on the DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera:

Are you suspecting something is going on in your place? Does your teenage son or daughter frequently escapes from home and parties with his or her friends? What you need is a DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera. But don’t tell your child that the camera installed at home is a fake. Since it looks so real, no one in your family will ever noticed that monitoring them is actually not totally for real. What’s good about this is that, you only have to shell out $11 for a make-believe security system.

The DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera is not just for parents monitoring their children. It is for anyone who wants to get rid of robbery or any kind of crime that might take place inside his home. The size of this innovative device is big enough for anyone to think that a security camera is actually watching and monitoring the whole place. See? You don’t need an ample amount to keep your family safe and scare the criminals away. What you need is this dummy security system at the lowest price.

Purchase the DragonPad Security Outdoor Fake Camera on Amazon today:


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