Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses Review



Review of the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses

The Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses is yet another bestselling spy gear on Amazon today. It has an impressive 4/5-star rating and its price is quite reasonable for its special features. One look at the sunglasses will make an individual think it is just one fashionable eyewear. But the truth is, it is more than that.  The design of this spy gear is so unique that it can perfectly suit any face in terms of shape and complexion.

“Wow! I am absolutely blown away by these glasses. I’ve bought my daughter and she loves them too! I figured even if they turned out to not work well she would at least like the glasses. But, they actually work!”

Inexpensive Spy Glasses

This pair of high-quality glasses is not that expensive. For only less than $49, one can already benefit a lot from them. By simply wearing them, you can assess for yourself if something strange is happening around you. And since the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses has a camera, you can record the movements you find unusual. And what’s even better is that, because the camera attached to the eyeglasses, there’s no need to lift a hand or press a finger to capture pictures and record videos.

“I’m very surprised how well these work. They come with a built in micro SD card. They made surprisingly great videos on my first try.”

Vigilance in a pair of glasses

This product is so ideal for any parent with teenage daughter. He can have her wear the sunglasses and pretend to be just protecting her eyes. Moms and Dads can now feel more at peace whenever their daughter is out. She can be more vigilant prepared for any suspicious-looking person who’s coming near her. She can also easily trace anyone who tries to do something malicious and report confidently to the authorities with this device.

“I absolutely love them most people don’t even know what they are i was having trouble.”

The Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses is now available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses:

  • Guarantee from the manufacturers that the product is tested prior to delivery
  • Unique style suitable for any face size and texture
  • User-friendly for all ages
  • Has an expandable memory capacity of up to 32GB
  • One-touch button for easy operation
  • Includes an 8GB memory card
  • Video in AVI format
  • Can work under Windows 2000, ME, 2003, XP, Vista, Mac and Linux operating systems


The Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses Cons:

  • Expandable 32GB microSD card not included
  • Computer is needed to access the photos taken and videos recorded
  • Only one format for video (AVI)

The Takeaway on the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses:

If you want peace of mind every time you go or a family member goes out of the house, consider buying the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses. The HD quality of this device’s camera will let you document happenings around you whether they are happy events or crime scenes. Make investigations of the cases around you easier by showing the authorities what these sunglasses can do. You can even expand the already-available 8GB memory to a maximum capacity of 32GB so you can document anything you need.

You can use the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses not just for crime prevention and investigation. These glasses are perfect companions during special occasions too. Record special presentations and capture memorable moments with this eyewear’s high-resolution camera. For more fun and exciting memories to keep, expand the product’s capacity to 32GB. If you want to wear sunglasses beyond the ordinary, opt for the pair that provides you protection not just from the sun but from the burglars, too!

You can easily purchase the Eovas Dvr Digital Camera Sunglasses on Amazon:

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