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Review of the DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter Black Edition

Are theft and robbery rampant in your neighborhood? If they are, you need the DJI Inspire Pro 1 Quadcopter Black Edition. This product is not a toy that any kid can just operate and let fly in the air. It is a surveillance device that can help you catch the robbers and thieves when it is almost impossible to do so. Once the burglars identify a flying object in the air, they’ll get terrified and won’t ever attempt to come near your area.

The DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quad copter Black Edition comes in a pack of complete surveillance gadgets. It has a pair of transmitters for clear communication between the quadcopter and its operator. It also comes with a clear camera that captures photos and records videos of the real events around the place. You are guaranteed with continuous operation of this aerial security gadget with its intelligent flight batteries which you can recharge when fully exhausted.

Everything you need to keep to secure the whole place is in the Pro Quadcopter Black Edition. The complete packages comes complete with two iPad tablets, a pair of goggles to protect the eyes of the user while operating the drone with camera in the field, and 2 pcs of 64GB microSD card for larger memory capacity, among others.

Indeed, this is quite expensive for personal use or a toy to play with. That is why we’re highly recommending it for community use where and when all residents within a neighborhood can benefit from. There’s a one-year warranty on the aircraft to give you total satisfaction. The battery, on the other hand, comes with a six-month warranty.

The DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter Black Edition is available on Amazon:

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Key Features of the DJI Inspire Pro Quadcopter Black Edition:

  • With a complete kit of surveillance camera including batteries, chargers, cameras, etc.
  • Clear camera view during flight
  • Ideal for in-flight photographers
  • Comes with 2 iPad units
  • Comes with goggles for safety and protection of the eyes
  • With a pair of transmitters
  • Includes 2 pcs of 64GB MicroSD cards for large memory capacity

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The DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter Black Edition Cons:

  • Too Many pieces come in the kit that they there is a tendency to misplace them
  • Warranties for the aircraft and batteries of six months and one year, respectively are limited.

The Takeaway on the DJI Inspire Pro Quadcopter Black Edition:

You may think this is kind of expensive. But, each piece that comes in the set has its own cost and if you sum them all up, you might even end up shelling out more than this if you buy them separately. Your thousands of dollars is just a one-time spending for decades of monitoring not just inside and within the vicinity of your home. It’s also like hiring a whole security team that watches over your whole neighborhood 24/7.

The DJI Inspire Pro Quadcopter Black Edition also has a card reader that allows you to easily access the saved photos and videos in the microSD card. It is easy to handle and clean this top-of-the-line spy gadget. The kit comes with a digital cleaning set, microfiber cleaning cloth and brush blower, too. Don’t expect this product to earn a high rating on Amazon.

But you, who have read this review and have had the chance to click the Amazon page can attest that the DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter Black Edition is undeniably a practical and reasonable choice to serve the whole neighbourhood.

Go to the Amazon page to buy the DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter Black Edition today:

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