Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera Review



Review of the Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

Flying drones whether for hobby or commercial purposes is no longer expensive. With the Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera, one can already fulfill his dream of operating an aircraft minus the high cost. This quad copter drone is lightweight that anyone can easily operate it using the remote control. The built-in camera of this device has an HD quality that results in clear photos and videos. Even if it’s light in weight, this quadcopter stays in place and can do the tricks the way its operator wants it to do.

“WOW! I have had several small remote control helicopters that cost as much as $40-$50. But this little quadcopter blows them away.”

The Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera has an impressive 4/5-star rating on Amazon. For just less than $40, it has a lot of features which the other more expensive drone quadcopters have. First, it has a 360-degree Flip that provides the owner to an excellent flying experience. Then, there is the built-in camera with HD quality. This lets the user capture and record exciting actions and wonderful scenery while the mini-aircraft is about 50 to 100 meters high. The transmitter that comes with this quadcopter is interference so no other quadcopter can hinder or affect each flight.

“This is a great beginner’s quadcopter. It is easy to learn to fly and at a great price.”

The Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera is available on Amazon:

Key Features of the Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera:

  • The price (less than $40)
  • Lightweight
  • With built-in HD camera
  • Has 360-degree flip for excellent performance in the air
  • With interference-free transmitter
  • 60-minute fight time


The Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera Cons:

  • No live streaming feature
  • AA batteries for the RC are not included
  • Not recommended for children below 8 years old

The Takeaway on the Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera:

If you are new to the hobby of quadcopter-flying, you don’t need to spend much to fly your own mini aircraft. The Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera is an ideal must-have for beginners like you since it costs less than $40 only. And, at such a reasonable price, you can already fully control this flying drone as if you are operating an expensive unit. If you have a son who’s eight years old and above, this is a perfect toy for him too to play with and eventually start as a hobby. Isn’t this a great idea for bonding with your child, as well? Since this is lightweight, the Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera is so easy for your son to operate. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety while flying this quadcopter. Its propellers have plastic frames to guarantee protection from possible collision.

Certainly perfect for a father-and-son bonding activity, this drone quadcopter is an Amazon bestseller for its flexibility and special features. It is safe to fly both indoors and outdoors. So, if you are still learning new tricks in flying the quadcopter, you can be more confident practicing indoors. And when you’re all set and ready to fly high outdoors, you’ll be amazed at what the Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera can do in the air. With a long 60-minute flying time, you can definitely show off all the tricks you learned while practicing indoors. Maximize the functions your remote control can do and start moving the small but terrible aircraft forward, backward, to your left, right, upward and downward!

Fly the quadcopter like a pro and own one now at a reasonable cost. Go to the Amazon page and purchase the Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera today:

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