You know how when a traumatic experience changes your life? Well, okay. My experience did not change my life in a major way, but it did ignite my passion in spy cameras.
A few years ago, I had just relocated to the city, and was excited to begin a new life in the hustle and bustle. Then, just like in the movies, my apartment got broken into. My top of the line computer, my flat-screen TV, and all my valuables, yes ALL of them, were stolen. Among all these valuable, the burglars took a watch that my uncle gave me when he passed away, a watch that couldn’t be replaced. This watch meant a lot to me, because it reminded me of my uncle, to whom I was very close. My insurance covered most of the loss but losing that watch was a big deal for me.
The police tried to track the burglars down but to no avail. I was so frustrated and thought to myself that if I had a spy camera, I would have known or seen who stole all my stuff. To cut a long story short, I became obsessed with surveillance and spy cameras, and spent a lot of time researching them. I didn’t want this unfortunate incident to happen again.
I had gathered so much data about spy cameras that I realized I could write a whole book about them! But really, who would publish such a thing, right? I did the next best thing: I started a website on spy cameras. I admit that my initial curiosity about spy or surveillance cameras has turned into a passion, and now, it’s a mission. I have been at the receiving end of a burglary, which could have either been prevented or solved, if I had surveillance cameras installed in my home. I would like to reach out to other people, by providing them with information about spy cameras – what their options are, how they can install, which companies they can tap to set-up their spy cameras. I guess, I just want to spread the awareness that installing spy cameras does not mean that you are paranoid or overly-cautious. There are too many evil people out there, and putting up spy cameras is preventive.