Zmodo Security Camera Review



Review of the Zmodo Security Camera

The Zmodo Security Camera is a high-end home security system. It runs on an Internet connection, be it wired or wireless. It may not be in the line-up of the most affordable security cams in the market today. But, this tech gadget is definitely worth paying for. The Compression Technology in this surveillance gadget allows the viewer to view a bigger scope within an area. No matter how long the recorder takes, one can fully cover an incident at home. With the 500GB hard drive that comes with this product, any user is sure to have everything covered clearly, both visually and audibly.

“This Zmodo Surveillance System works well for my needs and is also a great deal.”

Works with any device

An individual is sure to find the Zmodo Surveillance System convenient to use especially that it works with any device. When installed properly and with the availability of the Internet, parents with a BlackBerry, any Apple device, or an Android phone or tablet will find a perfect partner in this security camera set. Aside from the big external memory capacity, this surveillance equipment also has eight night vision cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Each camera can capture up to 60-feet range so there’s no way for one not to catch the culprit.

“This is a budget system that exceeded my expectations for what you get and how well it works.”

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Key Features of the Zmodo Security Camera:

  • Features Compression Technology for convenient viewing
  • Works through both 3G and Wifi on Smartphones and computer
  • Features a TV monitor output and PC VGA output
  • Installed ith a large-capacity 500GB hard drive for bigger files to record and capture
  • Can record motion detection
  • Has the ability to backup files with USB flash drive
  • Comes with a 2-Year Warranty


The Zmodo Security Camera Cons:

  • The price ($600)
  • Needs Internet/Wi-Fi connection to monitor real time
  • TV and PC monitors not included
  • May not be that easy and fast to set up because of the weight and many parts that come with the package
  • Not recommended for those who opt for the wireless as the eight cameras come with eight wires too

The Takeaway on the Zmodo Security Camera:

The Zmodo Security Camera may be expensive at around $600. But if you have a mansion-style house, or you have a huge property, this is what you really need. The eight cameras that come with the package can monitor each corner of your house inside and out. This is also a brilliant idea, if you have, or planning to put up a home business. The surveillance and security applications are also developed for enterprising families. You can easily prevent the robbers from intruding your place with this high-quality security camera. And the best thing about this first-class surveillance gadget is that, you need not worry about the weather as both the day and night cameras are weatherproof!

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