Wireless vs. Wired Security Cameras


When you are looking to invest in a new home security system, should you go with wireless vs wired security cameras? Depending on your home, and security needs, the answer is going to vary in each case. So, let us take a look at both options so you can decide on the one which is right for you.

Wired Security Cameras

Some of the benefits start off with the fact that there is no interference from other devices. So your wireless signal is never going to drop. For larger homes, they also offer a feature for larger projection and protection options, so if you do have a larger home, you can set up many systems within it.

On the flip side, they are harder to install, burglars can see the wires, and they are harder to secure or hide from the public view. With this in mind, camera quality is great, and it offers the security you desire at home.

Wireless Security Cameras

The obvious benefit is there are no wires; you can set them up anywhere, they are small, and they monitor a rather large area of the home. No drilling, they are portable, and you can set them up virtually anywhere. The major drawback is the range; they do not offer protection to as large a space as the wired option is going to offer, so you might have to set up more cameras. Further, they are high tech, and they are going to cost more money than the wired counterpart if you choose to install this in the home for security needs. There are loads of sites which can tell you more about the benefits of wireless security cameras.

Every home and every homeowner have something different in mind when setting up at home security systems. These are a few things to consider if you are debating between wired or wireless, and these are a few of the benefits and drawbacks to each of the systems.

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