How to Fly a Quadcopter


How to Fly a Quadcopter

How to Fly a Quadcopter: The Safe and Fun Way

This is a must-read for the non-hobbyists but lovers of the quadcopter drones. You must be among these people who love seeing the mini aircrafts flying in the air. You must probably be wondering and interested to know how to fly a quadcopter. Well, we have some good news for you. You are on the right page and we are actually teaching you how to fly a quadcopter. But before we do, let us explain to you first some important things you need to know about quadcopters. This way, you’ll know when it is right to fly one, who should operate it and how it flies in the air.

Flying drones may be an exciting hobby but it is not an easy thing to do. Typically, it is impossible to fly a quadcopter in terms of physicality.  Nevertheless, the computer inside the drive is what makes it stable. Additionally, drones have different flying styles and system depending on how their controller is made. The price ranges too. The higher-quality and the more efficient you want a quadcopter to be, the pricier it can possibly get.

Second, keep in mind and consider the quadcopter drones as part of your investment. These are famous for their thousands-of-peso cost although there are some units available nowadays at less than $200. And third, you have to actively participate and be part of a group where everyone shares the same interest. This will help you learn more about the hobby. In turn you also get to share your own knowledge about the flying drones.

How to Fly a Quadcopter

Before you start, make sure to register (if it requires registration) your quadcopter with the Federal Administration (FAA). However, some units no longer require certification. You can check the FAA Guidelines for Drones to know if your quadcopter needs any registration. Now, here are the steps of how to fly a quad copter a la pro. Read on and start flying your own mini aircraft.

  • Know your safety precautions. Choose a good-weather day when there’s no wind. Then, go to an open and large space where there are no possible hindrances like power lines and buildings present. If possible stay away from distractions or set them at the minimum. Be sure that your phone is powered off. Keep away from people or any property that may possibly be destroyed if you fail your first attempts to fly.
  • Check and set your wind speed. For outdoor flying, fly with wind speed not stronger than 15mph. You can still fly with this wind strength but it may compromise your video-recording as it will be a little shaky.

How to Fly a Quadcopter

  • Get yourself familiar with hovering. This is quite more challenging than you expected especially when it is an FPV you are flying using a monitor or a goggle. If you have a good practice with hovering, you don’t just get to fully control your aircraft. You can also capture high-quality photos and record clear videos.
  • Throttle cut. Say your flight forward is fast and you are most likely to crash, you can avoid such accident by shutting down your throttle. If you stop your control, you are most likely to cut the fast rotation of the propellers too.

An Excellent Quadcopter for Beginners


Don’t worry too much especially if you are a beginner. Quadcopter drones come with an easy-to-understand user manual that will guide you from assembling the device to landing it back to the box. If you are a beginner, we recommend the Eachine Mini Quadcopter with Camera Control Drone. It is one of the cheapest quadcopters Amazon sells and yet it is high-quality and features-filled. You can get it at just around ($30) which is not bad for a flight practice.

We hope you found our tips for how to fly a drone useful!

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