Best Spy Gear 2017: Our Top Picks


spy-gear-2017If you’re looking for the best spy gear 2017, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll help you get your James Bond on in style. All the best spy gear for this year and beyond. We do all the hard work for you and keep up with the latest technology in order to bring you the smallest, fastest and best spy gear gadgets you need. Keep reading for our top spy gear picks for yourself, or loved ones.

But please remember our #1 rule: use spy gear only for good, and not for evil!

Best Spy Gear 2017- Spy Pens

If you want to get your spying on in style, then you’ll need a top-quality spy pen. The best spy pens are extremely easy to use with either PC or MAC. They have a simple mechanism to start and stop recording and they also give you extremely crisp and clear audio recordings. There are a ton of reasons why you might want to record a conversation, but please remember our rule: Only for good and not for evil.

Check out our short article, “How do Spy Pen Cameras Work” for some solid advice on using spy pen cameras, as well as our #1 recommendation. Or, you can head over to Amazon and pick up our top-rated spy pen for yourself:

Best Spy Gear Gear 2017- GoPro Drones

GoPro drones are an amazing spy tool! They allow you to see what you normally wouldn’t be able to see, and you can also film things too. The best ones are very simple to operate and have some advanced features that are very useful. These features could include things like a, “Come Home” button so the drone will fly back to you at the touch of a button. The better drones also have a stabilizing feature that allows you to take very clear video even if your flying ability isn’t perfect.

Check out our article: Top 5 Quadcopters for our top recommendations on buying a GoPro Drone. Or, head over to Amazon to see the selection of GoPro quadcopters for yourself:

Best Spy Gear 2017- Spy Cam Glasses

Spy Cam Sunglasses are a great tool and belong firmly on any list of Spy Gear 2017. The first benefit is that people can’t tell where you’re looking! But of course, that’s a benefit common to any pair of sunglasses.

The special thing about these spy cam glasses is that they record video and sometimes audio. The best ones are super easy to use, allowing you to upload the footage in a multitude of places. They also turn on and off at the touch of a button, allowing you not to waste disk space.

Check out this article: Top 5 Spy Cam Glasses for more details about our top recommendations. You can also head over to Amazon and get our #1 rated spy camera glasses for yourself:

Best Spy Gear 2017- Binoculars

Binoculars are a great spy gear tool to have around your house. They are useful for a ton of reasons, even apart from spying! Binoculars are very affordable. They are also very fun, especially if you have kids. They’ll love getting them out and seeing things up close and personal.

See: Our Top Pick for Binoculars. You can also head over to Amazon and pick up our top-rated pair of binoculars for yourself today:

Best Spy Gear 2017- Night Vision 

Seeing at night is kind of an amazing superpower! If anything says spy gear or James Bond, it would be this! The best ones are easy to use with minimal effort and also give you a clear picture, allowing you to distinguish easily what you’re seeing. You can use these for a variety of reasons, but in our opinion, the best use is giving them as a gift to a child. They’re going to LOVE using them to walk around the neighborhood!

Check out: Top 5 Night Vision Devices for some help in making the best choice in night vision. Or, just check out our favourite night vision goggles on Amazon:

Best Spy Gear 2017- Walkie Talkies

Next up on our list of best spy gear 2017 are walkie talkies. Kids love these things and they make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift. Another great use, apart from spying is keeping track of everyone at the ski hill, on a hike or in an amusement park. And who doesn’t love talking on a walkie talkie? Nobody!

For some solid advice on which walkie-talkie will work best for you, check out: Top 5 Walkie Talkies.  You can also head over to Amazon and check out our top-rated Walkie Talkies:

Best Spy Gear 2017- Petzi Dog Camera

Rounding out our list of the best spy gear 2017 is something just for fun. If you want to spy on Fido when you’re at work or on vacation, then you’ll need the Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser. In case you’ve never seen a pet cam in action, you’ve been missing out! It’s really, really fun to check up on what your fur babies do when you’re not at home.

The coolest thing about the Petzi treat cam is the treat part of it. With the push of a button on your phone app, you can give your pooch a treat. Love it? We sure do. The whole family is kind of obsessed with this thing-we love to spy on little Sarah and Lucy (the dogs!).

For more details, please see: Petzi Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser Review. Or, head over to Amazon and pick up on for yourself:

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